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Personal Styling & Wardrobe Assessment

Personal Styling & Wardrobe Assessment.
Whatever the occasion, your size, personal aesthetic, Paula works with you to achieve a look that represents your individual style. Well organized and with a natural eye for how to accentuate your best qualities, Paula will develop a personal style plan for that is both achievable and maintainable. With a broad range of experience with clients from diverse backgrounds, Paula has dressed clients for premiere occasions such as The White House Ball, The Grammys, and Ford Model Shoots. Her goal is that you develop an increased awareness of your assets and the confidence to put them forth no matter what the occasion.

Wardrobe Assessment

Does it fit? Is the piece current? Is it age and lifestyle appropriate? Together, we examine the contents of your wardrobe and develop a personal style plan based on what we discover.

Closet Shopping

Creating outfits with your existing wardrobe and re-conceptualizing new looks from pieces you already own.

Personal Shopping

We fill in missing pieces to compliment your existing wardrobe. This can be done either online in store, or a combination of both.

Personal Consultation

Special event preparation, photographer consultation for photo shoots, portfolio reviews.

New moms Fashion tips

Empower new moms with changing bodies and limited time. Create go to outfits that are easy to put together that are fashionable yet comfortable and functional.

Thrift shop fashion show at the exclusive Boulevard 3, Hollywood, CA.
Clients I’ve worked with
I am a client of Paula Biren's and I can honestly say, I don't know what I was doing before she entered my life and more importantly, my closet. Paula has dressed me for several events such as the Grammy's, the White House, celebrity benefits and several women's luncheons. I have never looked better and felt more confident in the ensembles she dressed me in from head to toe. What I admire most about Paula's sense of style is she doesn't just go to the top designers and dress you in the most expensive things she can find. That's too easy to just find a black dress and diamonds. She will find something amazing that compliments your best features and pair it with nothing you would expect. I had a beautiful dress for a formal luncheon I was attending and she found a pair of inexpensive shoes to compliment the dress perfectly even though I was blinded by the Jimmy Choos I wanted to talk her into. The inexpensive ones were better and looked as expensive as my beautiful dress. Then she found a beautiful bracelet that was maybe $20. I got almost as many compliments on my amazing shoes and bracelet as I did on my dress. I love that about her. If you go into any boutique, the sales person will always find the most expensive items because that's all they have. Paula will go everywhere to find what is perfect for every outfit for every event and even save you money in the end. Paula has also helped me tremendously with my casual wear as well. As a mom of three children, most of my days are spent carting my children to their various activities and she has put together countless outfits that will fit into my day. We have weeded out garments that I held on to because they were high-end labels and didn't think I could part with but she persuaded me to donate them. I felt better not looking at them anymore in my closet where they had been sitting for years unworn. Paula gives you the reassurance to let go and only keep what you are actually going to wear because it works. When I am sometimes stumped about what to wear, I can look on my iPad and choose from outfits she has put together from my closet which is incredibly helpful when you are in a rush or not quite sure what to go with. As talented as Paula is professionally, it pales in comparison to the quality of person she is. She donates countless hours of volunteer work and is an amazing mom to boot. She makes you feel great about yourself and will go anywhere to find the best thing for you. If you ever have the privilege of having her dress you for an important event or even just help you reevaluate your closet, consider yourself fortunate. She is amazing!
Many people say that a smile is the best thing a person can wear. Personally, I believe confidence is even more important. However, regardless of what you believe is best, Paula works wonders and makes you not only feel good about yourself, but have such a good time that you can't help but wear a smile as well. The day she and I went shopping for a photoshoot, I got my best outfit together. Socks with sandals, a white V-neck with a coffee stain, and gray sweatpants with a matching stain along with flairs of mustard and orange soda. I was a mess. But Paula was able to make me look and feel nothing short of a golden. Within a couple hours of arriving at the mall, she had gotten together 15 outfits that accentuated my best features and were coordinated in a way that simply looked right and looked good. Paula is a wizard when it comes to putting outfits together. She has an amazing eye for seeing what looks good and what looks better on certain people. Without her, my pictures would not have come out anywhere close to as good as they did, and she is due all credit for my satisfaction with the way I looked.
BOULEVARD3 is renowned for producing high profile events and fashion shows. In order to preserve our brand and reputation, we can only work with the best, which is why we use Paula Biren to oversee our upscale fashion shows. During these events, Paula oversees everything from the overall styling of the show, putting together designer pieces and fitting each model, purchasing and accessorizing the outfits, organizing the wardrobe for the show, and managing the timing and execution of the actual show. When we hire Paula Biren, we guarantee excellence and a seamless experience. Paula's talent for styling and organization are unparalleled in this business. Recently, we had to produce a fashion show featuring the styles of LA's most popular vintage clothing stores to coincide with the release of artist Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's new song "Thrift Shop". The task was to put together and showcase 20 incredible outfits on the runway using only vintage pieces on a budget. Realizing that this would be a tremendous undertaking, we immediately called Paula to oversee the project. In a matter of two days, Paula had fitted all of the models, pulled and put together 20 amazing head to toe looks, and accessorized each outfit. The final product was extraordinary and received rave reviews from the press! Paula's talent really shined during this show, as she somehow created thrift shop outfits that were so incredible, they could have been debuted in a Paris runway show.
Paula is remarkable! She works with us at Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating pathways to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment. It is in our Santa Monica location where she comes each week to sort through donations and organize our resource room for clients who need outfits when they are called in for interviews. Paula has an amazing way of inspiring the clients who she assists in making them feel incredible from the inside, out. She has also worked closely for several consecutive years with our Women's Empowerment Program in helping to organize clothing, shoes, and accessories for approximately 30 women from all Chrysalis sites. She outfits the female clients to dress for success on Makeover Night, our culminating event for this 9-week Women's Empowerment Program workshop series. Paula is a powerhouse and a true advocate for our clients' successes. We're so fortunate that Paula donates her time and talent to Chrysalis.
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